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7th April 2024 Save the Date!



The Wagga Dog Day Out is an inaugural event dedicated to celebrating our caninecompanions and promoting responsible pet ownership within the Wagga Waggacommunity. This event aims to become a cornerstone in the local social calendar,fostering a deeper understanding of animal welfare implications and providing a platformfor local animal industries to showcase their services. By bringing together pet owners,enthusiasts, and industry professionals, we aim to enhance community awareness,improve animal welfare standards, and mitigate the impact of stray animals on both theenvironment and local shelters

Audience Reach

Attendees - 400-800 humans, 100-150 pets

Demographic - Wagga Wagga, Young, Cootamundra, Gundagai, Junee, Coolamon, Albury, Wodonga, Leeton, Henty, Culcain, Urinquainty, The Rock, Temora,

The entire Riverina, Murray and South West Slopes

Sociographic - Families, pet owners

Join in on the Fun!

Want to support our event?

Would you like to support our event we would love to support you too! Make sure you check out our sponsors, vendors and volunteers sections.  We can't wait to hear from you!

Holding Paw

Helping our Rescues so they can help you

Did you know all money raised during our Dog Day Out event will be spilt between all participating rescues? Many of our Rescues both local and further out are at capacity after a rise in homeless animals. Our Aim is to both support these rescues while providing a fantastic wholesome family day out with your very own furbaby in tow!

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